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Bariatrics | Balloon Prodecure

An aid to kickstart your lifestyle changes

How the procedure works

The Balloon Procedure is when a physician places a weight loss balloon in your stomach. The balloon will take up space in your stomach, encouraging better portion control leading to weight loss. During this 20-30 minute procedure, you are given a mild sedative and your physician will place the deflated balloon in your stomach through your mouth. Once it is in place, it is filled with a safe saline solution until it is about the size of a grapefruit.

The balloon will stay in place for six months then it will be removed by your physician. During the first six months you will be working with a dedicated team of experts to assist with your nutrition and exercise and you will experience most weight loss during these months. Once your balloon is removed, you will continue to work with your team to keep the momentum up for another six months.

Who this procedure is for

The Balloon Procedure is for patients who may not be candidates for weight loss surgery. This procedure was designed for adults suffering from obesity with a BMI between 30 and 40. Click here to learn more about the Balloon Procedure offered at Ellis’ Bariatric Care Center.

For more information about the types of procedures performed at Ellis’ Bariatric Care Center, please call 518.243.1313.

Seminars & Support

We offer free orientation seminars to help you get acquainted with this life changing journey. We also offer regular support groups to ensure you have the continued guidance and emotional support you need to be successful. Learn more...