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Visiting Hours

Visitor Information

At Ellis Medicine, we want to do everything possible to ensure that our patients get better quickly and safely. So we ask that you honor these guidelines when visiting a loved one or friend.

Due to Covid-19 the policy has temporarily been changed. Please click here to see our updated guidelines.

COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions - Currently in Effect (Updated May 5, 2021)

For the health and safety of our patients, and to minimize our patients’ infection risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ellis Medicine is following the CDC and Department of Health guidance on the following visitor resctrictions:

Ellis Hospital, McClellan Street Health Center, Medical Center of Clifton Park Emergent Care, and Bellevue Woman's Center will continue to keep all visitor restrictions and exceptions in place; however, Ellis Hospital inpatients will be permitted to have two unique visitors, per patient, per day during the hours of 4 p.m. – 8 p.m., 7 days a week. 

Emergency department, outpatient services and surgical services will still be one visitor, per patient. 

At Bellevue Woman’s Center, patients are allowed to have two support persons, including a doula, if requested, throughout the patient's stay. The support persons can be the patient's spouse, partner, sibling, parent, or other persons of their choice.

There are compassionate care exceptions for certain patients which include:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients may have one birth parent plus one significant other who must remain in the room for the duration of the visit.
  • Pediatric patients/minors under the age of 18 may have two designated support persons with them.
  • Behavioral Health areas (C2, C3, B3) will have one visitor per patient between the hours of 6 PM and 8 PM.
  • Patients with disruptive behavior, in which a family member is key to their care, may have one visitor.
  • Patients who have altered mental status or developmental delays (where caregiver provides safety) may have one visitor- staff members from group homes are considered an extension of the healthcare team and not a visitor; their presence may fulfill the role of meeting the patient's extended care needs.
  • Patients who need a caretaker to be trained for a skill in preparation of home care will be permitted a visitor for a limited education session only.
  • ED and Emergent Care services patients will be allowed 1 visitor 24/7 while the patient remains in the emergency department
  • Outpatient services will be allowed 1 visitor per patient
  • Procedural patients will be allowed 1 visitor pre and post-surgery for a brief time until the physician meets with the patient and visitor. 
  • End of life (Comfort Care/Hospice patients) will be allowed to have up to two support persons chosen to visit on Non-COVID floors.

All other restrictions will remain unchanged during all other hours, including restrictions and compassionate exceptions for end of life, and COVID patients. Please see the Ellis Medicine Visitor Guidelines for additional details.

We apologize for any difficulty or inconvenience this may cause but thank you for your cooperation and participation in abiding by the Hospital's visitation policy.

Thank you for helping us keep our patients safe.

When You Visit

For the safety of our patients:

  • Please do not visit if you are feeling ill
  • Wash your hands to prevent the spread of infection
  • Do not touch any medical devices in a patient’s room
  • Visting hours are currently allowed between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Specific units, such as our critical care unit, may have other guidelines for visitors that staff will explain to you. If you have any questions about visiting protocol, please contact the manager on the patient floor.

Supervise Children

We suggest no children younger than 12. Children MUST be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES.

Step Out for Care

You may be asked to leave the room for brief periods of time while your friend or loved one receives care, testing, etc.