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Prenatal Care for a Healthy Pregnancy

The pregnancy test comes back positive.

After the initial excitement and emotion subside, your mind starts to run through countless questions. What’s your due date? Should you change your eating habits or exercise routine? What about your existing medical conditions? Will you choose an obstetrician or a midwife?

Prenatal care appointments will begin to answer your questions, guide your decisions and help ensure that you have a safe, healthy pregnancy. Prenatal care is offered through the Ellis Family Health Center, or you can click here to see a list of physicians with privileges at Bellevue.

Ensuring the health of you and your baby

Staying healthy during your pregnancy is an important part of prenatal care. Your doctor can help you plan your diet, exercise and activity to maintain your health and give your baby the opportunity to thrive at every stage of development. The goal of prenatal care is to detect any potential problems early, to prevent them if possible (through proper nutrition, exercise and vitamin intake), and to recommend appropriate specialists if necessary.

Prenatal care visits increase as your pregnancy goes on:

  • Monthly visits for the first two trimesters (weeks 1-28) - Biweekly visits during weeks 28-36
  • Weekly visits from week 36 to delivery (week 38-40)
    (Women older than 35 or with a high risk pregnancy may see their doctor more often.)

Childbirth classes

Bellevue Woman's Center offers a wide variety of classes for expectant mothers and families. Enrolling in classes helps you to plan for your baby's birth. Visit our class calendar or call our Community Education department at 518.346.9410 to learn more.

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