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Participating Insurance Listing

Ellis Medicine can bill most insurance companies. Participation information is not a guarantee of payment. Patients are responsible for any non-covered charges/services excluded under their insurance contract. You can reach your insurance company by clicking the link below or call the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card.  All billing inquiries should be address to the Ellis Medicine Patient Financial Services office at 518.243.1500.

The following insurances are accepted at Ellis Medicine:


It is also important for you to know that the physician services you receive in the hospital are not included in the hospital’s charges. Physicians who provide services at the hospital may be independent voluntary physicians or they may be employed by the hospital. Physicians bill for their services separately and may or may not participate in the same health plans as the hospital. You should check with the physician arranging your hospital services to determine which plans that physician participates in. 

Ellis contracts with a number of physician groups, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists, to provide services at the hospital. You should contact these groups directly to find out which health plans they participate in.

Schenectady Pathology Associates, PC
1101 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308

Schenectady Anesthesia Associates, PC
1101 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308

Mohawk Anesthesia Associates, PC
2210 Troy Road, Schenectady, NY 12309

Schenectady Radiologists, PC
Schaffer Heights, 107 Nott Terrace, Schenectady, NY

OBHG New York, PC
10 McCar Drive, Mauldin, SC, 29662

Schenectady Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates, PC
124 Rosa Road, Suite 382, Schenectady, NY 12308

Northeastern Radiation Oncology, PLLC
57 Willow Road, Queensbury, NY 12804

Cardiology Associates of Schenectady, PC
2456 Balltown Road, Schenectady, NY 12309

Carl Englebardt, MD
1201 Nott Street, Suite 303, Schenectady, NY 12308

Bruce K. Barach, MD
1201 Nott Street, Suite 303, Schenectady, NY 12308

Fox & Schingo Plastic Surgery
624 McClellan Street, Suite 203, Schenectady, NY 12304

The Vascular Group, PLLC
43 New Scotland Ave, Mail Code 157, Albany, NY

121 Everett Road, Albany, NY 1221