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3D Rotational Angiography for Enhanced Diagnostics

Advanced digital technology

Ellis Medicine's Rossman and Jeanne Gustin Angiography Suite is equipped with advanced digital technology that enables doctors to view full color, three dimensional x-rays in real time.

It also enables them to look directly inside veins and arteries, maneuvering through images of body tissue using a computer keyboard.

The new 3D Rotational Angiography (3DRA) system provides enhanced diagnostic capabilities for stroke, carotid artery disease and other vascular disorders. The fully digital Integris Allura X-ray system, developed by Philips Medical Systems, enables physicians to capture and view detailed 3D images of a patient's vascular structure, leading to faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. It also exposes patients to less radiation during the actual procedures than other systems. In addition, the "biplane" configuration system allows physicians to view anatomy in two planes, simultaneously - a crucial technique for the more complex brain procedures.

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