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Special Care Nursery - Level II Neonatal Intensive Care

As expectant parents, you may be in the process of choosing the hospital where your baby will be born. The availability of a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) could save precious moments in the care of your infant. It could even avoid the transferring of your baby to another facility. Bellevue's Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is one of only three in northeastern New York that provides these specialized services for infants over 30 weeks gestation in need of non-surgical medical intervention and care.

Bellevue's 15 bed NICU/Special Care Nursery features advanced technology and is staffed by board certified neonatologists who are available 24 hours a day. The NICU will be expanded as part of the upcoming modernization and renovation project at Bellevue - set to begin in the fall of 2011.

Our neonatologists work in conjunction with pediatricians, neonatal nurses, lactation consultants, respiratory therapists and social workers to provide the best care to pre-term and high-risk newborns. We pay particular attention to every detail, from lighting and temperature to medical equipment, so that we can provide the best environment for sick and premature infants. The extra-special aspect of Bellevue's NICU/Special Care Nursery is the dedicated team of nurses who attend to the every need of the babies in our care, day and night.

The NICU/Special Care Nursery is located on the Upper Level of Bellevue Woman's Center. Parents and siblings are welcome to visit their baby at almost any time. As an infant's condition improves, parents are encouraged to touch, hold and feed their baby. At Bellevue, we want to make the transition of your baby's discharge as easy as possible. We have a dedicated "Family Room" which allows parents to spend the night with their baby and care for him or her, under the guidance of our specially trained nursery staff, prior to going home.

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For further information or to contact our NICU/Special Care Nursery, please call 518.346.9583.