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Asthma Education Program

Living with Asthma

Our asthma education programs can help you learn successful techniques to better manage your disease. This requires a take-charge approach that includes:

  • Understanding the nature of the disease and the normal function of the lungs
  • Appropriate use of medications
  • Daily measurement of airflow (peak flow monitoring)
  • Identifying the triggers that cause attacks
  • Handling an acute episode
  • Developing treatment plans that work 

Four session disease management training and education program for pediatric and adult asthma patients, and caregivers.  Patients will meet with a Certified Asthma Educator/Respiratory Therapist in an outpatient clinic setting to learn the skills necessary to understand the disease process, to identify asthma triggers and steps for trigger avoidance, as well as to learn about asthma and allergy medications and the proper technique for effective administration.  Pulmonary function and exhaled nitric oxide testing is available for all patients age 5 and older.  Tools and resources are provided to each patient to help improve asthma control.  Some trigger remediation products will be provided at no cost. 

What You Can Expect

As a first step, a complete patient history is taken to ensure  an accurate diagnosis and to help with asthma severity classification.  Our assessment addresses asthma knowledge, quality of life, trigger identification and understanding of asthma and allergy medications.  For patients age 5 and older, spirometry testing is completed to measure lung function and to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan.  Your Asthma Educator will work directly with your Provider to develop a care plan that helps keep your asthma in good control.  Patients using metered dose inhalers will be given a valved-holding chamber (spacer) and instructed on proper technique for medication delivery.  All patients will receive a written Asthma Action Plan that shows you steps to reduce or prevent flare-ups and emergency department visits. 

Both individual and group education sessions are available and are provided over a consecutive six month period. We provide ongoing follow-up and support.

The program is covered by most insurance plans. A physician referral is required.

If you or someone you love has asthma, talk with your doctor about a referral to Ellis Medicine’s Asthma Education Program. If you would like more information, please call us at 518.347.LUNG (5864).