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Part-Time Study

A student must be an undergraduate New York State resident, enrolled for at least six credit hours but less than 12 credit hours. Students must be in good academic standing, which includes at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. In addition, students are not eligible for APTS if they have utilized all semesters of eligibility for the TAP program. If a student was claimed or was eligible to be claimed as a tax dependent, the New York State net taxable income for the family (parents, student and spouse) cannot exceed $50,550. The New York State taxable income for an independent student and spouse cannot exceed $34,250.

The amount of each award will be determined at the beginning of the semester as the amount of each award will depend on the funds available and the number of students approved for an APTS award. Applications can be obtained from The Belanger School of Nursing Financial Aid office. Students must reapply for APTS each semester.

To learn more about The Belanger School of Nursing, please call 518.243.4471