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Nursing Program

The application process requires:


  • Official high school transcript showing graduation. Particular emphasis is on verbal/math/science course grades and class rank. A minimum average of 85% and CGPA of 3.0 is preferred. OR Official GED transcript if a graduate equivalency diploma was obtained, and an official high school transcript.
  • Official transcripts showing passing grades in the following prerequisites:
  • Chemistry, Biology and Algebra are required prerequisite courses. Applicants who receive transfer credit for Anatomy & Physiology I (4cr) or Anatomy and Physiology II (4cr)  and Microbiology (4 cr) may be considered for a waiver of the Chemistry and/or Biology requirement.
  • Algebra. Courses from high school, equivalent CLEP and/or college courses are acceptable. Courses offered by the Education Correspondence Training School, or Nursing ABC, are also acceptable.  Applicants who receive transfer credit for Statistics may be considered for a waiver of the Algebra requirement.
  • Official transcripts from any accredited college, post-secondary school, CLEP or College Boards Advanced Placement Program. CGPAs and pertinent course grades are considered. Previous success with college level courses lends strength to the candidates application
  • Reports of standardized tests, if available: Scholastic Achievement Tests (SAT) and American College Testing Program (ACT).
  • HESI Admissions Test
  • Personal interview (optional)

Prior to enrollment the following must be complete


The applicant will be enrolled contingent upon a satisfactory health assessment and screening.


Proof of successful completion of a course is required before a student begins any clinical experience and this certification must remain valid throughout enrollment. American Heart Association or American Red Cross (or a comparable provider) Healthcare Provider courses are acceptable and must include adult, child and infant resuscitation techniques.


A non-refundable fee of $100.00 is required to secure a place in the class, and will be applied to the first semester of enrollment.


All students must be able to lift/move patients with assistance, push/pull 50 pound equipment with rollers, and lift/move 25 pounds from floor to table. Students must be able to perform moderately difficult manual manipulations requiring hand-eye coordination such as in the use of computers and complex equipment. Mobility requirements may include the ability to sit and stand for prolonged periods of time, in addition to being able to walk for a reasonable length of time and distance. Students must be able to read, articulate and comprehend the English language.


Ellis Medicine Belanger School of Nursing students are required to complete a criminal background check prior to new student orientation to determine suitability for clinical placements. This requirement satisfies Ellis Medicine and affiliated schools requirements for the placement of students in any clinical setting. A criminal conviction does not automatically disqualify an individual of participation in clinical experiences. If a student's background includes an adverse event, the Belanger School of Nursing will make every effort to place the student in an alternative setting. However, the School cannot guarantee an alternate placement.


Students must meet clinical placement agency requirements. Students will be notified in advance if any additional requirements beyond uniform, CPR, or health documentation are needed. 


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Belanger School of Nursing will, upon written request and the completion of the accommodation request process, provide reasonable accommodations to students with a documented disability provided that such accommodation will permit the student to perform the essential functions/skills as well as have the physical requirements to meet the program outcomes and that such accommodation does not present an undue hardship for the School. 

It is the student's responsibility to provide physician documentation of the disability, the limitations and the special accommodations required to accommodate that disability. Students with learning disabilities must submit evidence of the disability from an official source such as an educational specialist or an institution of learning. 

A letter requesting special accommodations must be addressed to the ADA Coordinator of the school. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of each course of the need for special accommodations. 


Letters of request for reapplication or re-enrollment must be accompanied by payment of the application fee.


The Belanger School of Nursing is not authorized by the United States Immigration Service to admit international students. All applicants to the School of Nursing must be United States Citizens or have Permanent Resident Alien status in the United States.