Reinventing healthcare one patient at a time

Ellis Medicine's History

For over 125 years, Ellis has continued to grow to meet the health needs of our community.

We’ve evolved as the science of medicine and medical technologies advanced with breakthrough after breakthrough. Today, we’re leading the efforts to reinvent healthcare, developing new protocols and setting new standards for care that serve as models for other hospitals around the state and nation.

Created to serve a community of inventors and innovators

During its growth from a riverfront town on the Erie Canal to a railroad center and later an industrial city, Schenectady attracted educated, forward thinking individuals. Since 1885, the foundations of Ellis Medicine provided healthcare to this vibrant and growing community of inventors, academics, engineers and entrepreneurs. Ellis joined in the lively spirit of invention and innovation, helping its leaders to re-imagine the world and usher in a new era of healthcare.

Today, Ellis Medicine encompasses three main campuses and five additional service locations. Continued modernization projects include a new, state-of-the-art Emergency Department and expanded parking facility at Ellis Hospital and a major addition to the Bellevue Woman’s Center. These are just a few of the ongoing efforts to streamline and improve healthcare for every patient we serve.

Founded on three great healthcare traditions

Formed in response to recent New York State healthcare reform laws, Ellis Medicine combines the traditions of Ellis Hospital, the former Bellevue Woman's Hospital and the former St. Clare's Hospital into a stronger, unified organization.

Indeed, the legacies of the former Bellevue Woman's Hospital and the former St. Clare's Hospital are now an inextricable part of Ellis Medicine's history. Click on the links at the top of this page to learn more about the histories and unique contributions of these three traditions.

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