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Another milestone for Ellis Cardiology Team: 500th 'TAVR' procedure

Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Ellis Medicine Interventional Cardiac Services team recently achieved a major milestone by performing a landmark 500th transcatheter aortic valve replacement, also known as a TAVR. 

As its name suggests, TAVR uses a catheter, typically inserted through the groin, to replace a damaged heart valve. This innovative procedure gives high-risk patients a new lease on life without open-heart surgery. With a high number of older adults in Schenectady County and surrounding region suffering from cardiovascular disease, the Ellis TAVR program is a vital service to the community.

Dr. Aakash Garg (pictured center below with the team), an interventional cardiologist with St. Peter’s Cardiology Associates of Schenectady, performs all TAVR procedures at Ellis, leading a stellar team of providers, nurses, technicians and others that extend beyond his department.

"The 500th TAVR is a substantial achievement for our institution and community,” Dr. Garg said. “Every member of the team has played a crucial role in achieving this landmark. It is also a testament to our leadership's vision of providing high-quality cardiology care."

The Ellis program performed its first TAVR procedure in February 2019. Four years later, Dr. Garg’s team is still breaking ground with improvements that have shortened length of stay for these patients from two or three days to one day, while increasing their life expectancy.

Also over the past two years, we have made TAVR available to more patients, altering the criteria necessary for inclusion in the program and expanding the team’s schedule to accommodate additional people.  Dr. Garg now performs as many as six TAVR procedures a week.  

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