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Ellis’ Stroke Center Saves Lives

New York State designated primary stroke center

Stroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when one of the arteries to the brain is either blocked or bursts. A stroke victim’s chance of recovery depends on receiving immediate care, so learn to recognize the symptoms of stroke. Every minute counts when treating a patient experiencing a stroke. That's why Ellis Medicine has created a specialized Stroke Center at Ellis Hospital and dedicated team trained in providing life-saving care for stroke victims.

Our Stroke Team is on call 24/7, ready to respond immediately:

  • Our Stroke Alert System assembles the hospital’s team for the rapid evaluation of the patient who may be having a stroke
  • State-of-the-art imaging is available for quick, accurate diagnosis
  • Ellis’ Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, staffed by neurologists, neurosurgeons and a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals,  provides an exceptional environment for the comprehensive care of our stroke patients

Nationally recognized stroke care

Ellis is a New York State designated Primary Stroke Center and is nationally recognized for outstanding stroke care. For eight consecutive years (2007-2014), Ellis has received the Gold/Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award from the American Stroke Association for the quick response and high quality care provided to stroke patients. Ellis was the first hospital in New York State, and among 12 in the nation, to be honored with a Gold Award in 2007. Look for us in the annual "Best Hospitals" issue of US New & World Report.

Support group for stroke survivors, families and caregivers

Ellis offers a monthly support group for stroke survivors, their caregivers and family members. For more information about the support group, or for any stroke education needs, please call 518.243.1310.

Stroke Center Mission


Working in partnership with the patient, the Ellis Stroke Center provides appropriate, timely and consistent standards of neurological services of the highest competence achievable for stroke prevention, diagnosis, and acute stroke care that is centered around the needs of the patient. 

Prevention and Education

We provide community and healthcare professional education in stroke risk reduction, recognition and treatment. In partnership with neurologists, cardiologists, and multidisciplinary specialists a complete program of care is available. 


We design, develop and initiate acute care based on clinical practice guidelines and provide data based on QPIC programs. 


Providing support and assistance to families, friends and survivors of stroke. We focus on serving the unique needs of stroke survivors and their caregivers

Respecting Cultural Diversity

Serving as compassionate advocates for all those served by Ellis Medicine and specifically its Stroke Center. Effectively deliver health care services based on the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients.

For more information about neuroscience care at Ellis, please call 518.243.3387.