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Electronic Health Record

New solutions for coordinated care

Implementing an electronic health record (EHR) computer system to support better coordination of care is one of the most important components of the Medical Home.

Ellis Medicine is in the process of establishing an electronic health record at the Medical Home that will connect physicians at Ellis Primary Care, Ellis Dental Care, as well as hospital employed physicians and other physicians in the community to a shared computer system. This means that doctors will be able to securely share a patient’s medical file, laboratory and radiology results, and digital diagnostic images (i.e., MRIs and CT scans) from a computer in their offices (or at home). This system will also enable physicians to electronically send a patient's prescriptions to local pharmacies to be filled.

The benefits of the EHR are many, including improved care, enhanced communication among providers throughout the community, enhanced ability to share information/patient data, better billing and collection practices, among others. Electronic health records and the secure sharing of health information are major initiatives of the state and federal governments to improve health care delivery and reduce costs.

This Electronic Health Record project is part of Ellis’ ongoing commitment to utilize state-of-the-art information technology to improve patient care and safety, while simultaneously creating a more efficient, modern and cost-effective health care system.

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