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The Foundation for Ellis Medicine's Winter Gala

Winter Gala

18th Annual Ellis Medicine Winter Gala

For the past 17 years, the Ellis Medicine Winter Gala Committee would put together one of the best parties of the year – an event filled with elegant food, signature cocktails, stunning décor and a crowded dance floor. 
As we met via zoom during the beginning of the second wave of COVID to determine what the 18th Annual Winter Gala would look like, it was very clear – the safety and health of our community is what is most important.
Though it saddens us, we are asking that you continue to keep your ball gowns, tuxedos and dancing shoes in your closet this year – the Ellis Medicine Winter Gala is taking an intermission in 2021.
Though we will not be able to gather and celebrate, we do ask that you please support Ellis Medicine by making a contribution in place of your support for the Winter Gala. Your gift will honor all of the health care workers who have bravely put on their mask and provided skilled and compassionate care under the most trying of circumstances.
Please make a gift today – we will let the Ellis Team know that our community still came together to support the important work they do, but did so by staying at home to flatten the curve. 
Please continue to be safe! Wear your mask, wash your hands and stay at home if you can. We look forward to celebrating with you in 2022!

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