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2022 Family Medicine Residency Commencement

Friday, July 1, 2022

It's official, the 9 members of the 2022 Family Residency Program graduated!

On June 23rd, the Family Medicine Residency program celebrated its 45th commencement.  Family, friends, faculty and guests from all parts of the World celebrated this long-anticipated day as graduates gathered and accepted their graduation certificates as a rite of passage from one generation of physicians to the next.

In his heartfelt commencement speech, Dr. John Petrillo, DO, Program Director was reflective of the residents and their impact on the entire institution.

"These men and women have not only devoted their time to learning the specialty that is Family Medicine, they have devoted their time caring for members of this community.  In many ways, the members of this community most at risk.  They practice full-spectrum Family Medicine seeing pregnant mothers, managing their time leading up to delivery and then delivering that child and caring for the person throughout their lifetime.  They are remarkable people who I have the utmost respect for.  I think they make us better as a program and as an institution."

Petrillo emphasized that this particular class experienced the full brunt of the pandemic for each year of their training.

"And in speaking of thanking our graduates.  I would be remiss if I did not take a chance to give you a bit more background context to the group in front of you.  As much as we have spoken about the pandemic for the last two graduations, understand that this group before you has had the full brunt of the pandemic impact each year of their training.  Understand that they have witnessed a good deal of social unrest and division in this country.  They have watched the financial constraints of medicine impacted in such a way that they have lost support, watched staff turnover, and watched administrative turnover.  They have seen the biggest impact on education that we have ever witnessed."

The Family Medicine Residency program continues to serve the hospital and patients of Ellis Medicine profoundly. Ellis Medicine's administration, medical community and ancillary staff commit their full support to ensuring the continuing success of residents and interns.

We congratulate the 2022 graduates and look forward to meeting the newest class of residents and interns!

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