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After 116 years, Ellis continues to grow as the city's main provider

Thursday, February 24, 2022

As part of its 2022 special Outlook section, The Daily Gazette published an account of Ellis Medicine’s history, as well as a look at Ellis today and what changes in health care mean for our future.

Below is a brief excerpt. You can read the full story here.

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — On March 22, 1893, both of Schenectady’s daily newspapers, the Evening Star and the Daily Union, trumpeted the arrival of a new medical facility that would be called Ellis Hospital.

Located on Jay Street in downtown, the new structure was “one of the finest public buildings in Schenectady,” according to the Star, while the Union heralded it as “a monument to generosity and an ornament to the city.”

While that building is no longer there — Ellis Hospital moved to its current home at the corner of Nott Street and Rosa Road 116 years ago — the institution itself and its many satellite facilities continue to endure, offering quality health care to Schenectady County residents as well as those living throughout the Capital Region. And all of that, according to Ellis Medicine CEO Paul Milton, is not going to change regardless of just how a proposed merger with St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany might impact the place. Milton, in fact, is convinced that if the current two-year management agreement with St. Peter’s is expanded into a full merger, the quality of health care for Ellis patients will only get better.

“I think with the way health care is changing, it’s very important for hospitals to be a part of something bigger,” said Milton, who began working as an administrator at Ellis in 2008 before being named CEO in 2016. “For us to be able to continue to recruit and retain the best physicians, we need to take care of this community, we need to be a part of something bigger. St. Peter’s is a good fit for Ellis. It’s a better way to serve this community.”

  Read The Daily Gazette story here

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