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The Foundation for Ellis Medicine

The Foundation for Ellis Medicine ensures quality healthcare in our community by raising, investing and distributing funds that support the lifesaving work performed at Ellis Medicine. Through the charitable gifts of individuals, corporations and foundations, our organization helps advance Ellis Medicine’s mission to serve the community and reinvent healthcare - one patient at a time.

Ellis welcomes gifts to the Foundation to meet our many needs including to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies, support healthcare programs that serve the community including the medically underserved, upgrade and expand facilities and provide continuing education for our nurses.

Contributions can be made in a variety of ways: cash, check, credit card, stocks and bonds, life insurance, real estate, retirement plan assets, personal properties and planned gifts. Donors are encouraged to contact the Foundation Office if they have questions about a deferred gift or are considering a gift of an appreciated asset. In addition, contributions can be made as a one-time gift or can be set up as a pledge to be donated over a specified period of time, which includes months or years.

Financial Information

As a not-for-profit organization, The Foundation for Ellis Medicine is dedicated to being a good steward of its resources. To this end, the Foundation, which is overseen by a volunteer board of trustees, strives to be as transparent as possible in its operations. We invite you to view the following financial information:

The Foundation for Ellis Medicine Form 990 Year 2014.


To learn more contact The Foundation for Ellis Medicine by calling 518.243.4600.

Foundation Board of Trustees

A. Emile Walraven, Chair
Eugene W. Zeltmann, Ph.D., Vice Chair
Stephanie J.H. Roberts, Secretary
Pasquale M. Scisci, Treasurer

Deborah A. Botch, Ph.D.
James Buhrmaster
Cristine Cioffi, Esq.
Antonio Civitella
Christopher Dolinsky, M.D.
Sanford Family
Patty Fusco
Neil M. Golub
Lori Anne Harris
Dean Higgins, Esq.
Michael Holmes, M.D.
David C. Horan, Jr.
Stephen Pagano, , Chair, Ellis Medicine Board of Trustees
Vishnudas Pai, M.D.
Anne Phillips
Donald D. Reisinger
Laura Z. Smith
Scott D. Stevens
William Zarzycki, President, Volunteer Aides

Karen Bonadies, Assistant Treasurer
Suzann L. Smart, Executive Director
Paul Milton, President & CEO, Ellis Medicine

To learn more contact The Foundation for Ellis Medicine by calling 518.243.4600.


The mission of the Foundation is to increase philanthropy, awareness and advocacy for Ellis Medicine to ensure and support quality, lifesaving healthcare in our community.


The Foundation will be the trusted, respected philanthropy of choice known for its genuine caring, lifelong relationships with donors. Our vision is to nurture an environment that fosters stewardship, relationships and generosity in support of Ellis Medicine.


We value our relationships with donors, respecting them as investors, partners and friends.


  • Be good stewards of every gift and accountable to each donor
  • Use our resources (people, time, materials, money) wisely


  • Treat everyone as a major donor
  • Make donors feel valued beyond their expectation 


  • Work as a collegial team with volunteers, physicians, staff, trustees and each other 
  • Be an integral, visible part of the hospital family and community 


  • Foster cooperative, collaborative and productive relationships to improve the health and wellness of our community 


To learn more contact The Foundation for Ellis Medicine by calling 518.243.4600.

The Foundation Team

Suzann Smart
Executive Director


Karen Mantas
Director of Advancement


Beth Frear
Annual Fund Manager


Kristen Adach
Communications & Special Events Specialist


Karen Munoz
Administrative Assistant


Lisa Leary
Foundation Operations Specialist