Reinventing healthcare one patient at a time
Reinventing healthcare one patient at a time
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Community Resources ≫ Donations

Your Ellis team is ready to take care of you, your family and our community should you need us.

Many have asked, “how can we help?” 

If you are looking for a way to help our doctors, nurses, healthcare staff and your community. Please consider a donation to support Ellis. To donate click here.

In addition, there are other ways to support Ellis Medicine during this time. While we have taken proactive meaures to conserve supplies in anticipation of shortages, we are accepting donations of personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition, we have been heartened by offers from local restaurants and catering operations that want to donate meals to thank our healthcare workers. We are gratefully accepting professional catering donations. As the Hospital and its employees are under strict visitor guidelines, please contact Beth at to make arrangements for your donation. 

Please note: Ellis, like all hospitals, is regulated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure both staff and patient safety. We recognize the generosity of our community, and for these reasons, donations must adhere to the restrictions below:


Professional Catering:

Donations to feed our hard-working, around the clock caregivers are appreciated. Labeling/Dating is required from the food vendor who prepared and donated any ready to eat foods. Please label/date directly on the food items, trays, containers, etc.

  • The name and place of business
  • Identify food item
  • Date of preparation (if stored under proper conditions cannot be held for more than 3 days)

Disclaimer Statement: 

The hospital cannot accept responsibility for storing, heating or serving any food prepared outside its catering facilities as it may not meet the required food standards code. Additionally, please do not bring food to the Hospital if you have not already contacted The Foundation. Unannounced donations cannot be accepted for the safety of our staff and patients.

N95 Masks/Respirators:

Must be certified by NIOSH as N95 

Masks/respirators can be either for healthcare or industrial use (CDC has approved the use of industrial N95 in healthcare settings)

  • We can only accept full boxes
  • Must be within the expiration date
  • Must be from a certified manufacturer
  • Must be FDA approved

A Note on Homemade Masks:

The outpouring of support to help protect the Ellis teams providing care to our community has been incredible – thank you! At this time, we are accepting ones already made and will use them according to CDC guidelines.Your Ellis team feels your support and we thank you for all you are doing – we are in this together.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Products must be registered with the U.S. FDA

  • Isolation mask with over ear loop
  • Nitrile exam gloves (all sizes)
  • Thermometer, disposable, oral
  • Shoe cover, skid-resistant (universal size)
  • Full face shields (disposable)
  • Non-woven spun bound bouffant cap
  • Sterile surgical gown, fabric reinforced w/ set-in sleeve
  • Surgical mask with full face shield Lvl 3
  • Covered zipper coveralls with elastic cuff
  • Germicidal disposable sani-cloths AF3
  • Alcohol bottles, 4oz.
  • Clorox bleach wipes
Phone Cards:

Ellis is addressing the need for patients to continue to receive treatment via the phone. Yet, for some patients, they cannot afford the minutes needed to consult with their provider(s). Donations of pre-paid phone cards (minutes) from the various phone carriers will be distributed through our service lines to patients in need.

Once you have purchased a phone card, please mail it to The Foundation for Ellis Medicine, 1101 Nott St., Schenectady, NY 12308, or if you have a number of cards, please drop them off at the main entrance to Ellis Hospital to the attention of The Foundation.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and support of the caregivers. If you have any questions, please contact Beth at The Foundation at