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Specialty Care

Physician Offices On-Site for Convenient Access

In addition to emergent care and primary care, the Medical Center of Clifton Park offers specialty services for convenient referrals, outpatient visits, pre-op and post-op appointments, including:

Cardiac Care

Cardiology Associates of Schenectady, PC

Suite 2100
Phone: 518.383.9373

The cardiologists who work at Ellis Medicine's Wright Heart Center have long provided care to the Clifton Park and surrounding communities.  These heart experts specialize in emergency care, cardiac diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiologists seeing patients at this location:  

  • David Armenia, MD, FACC
  • John Nolan, MD, FACC
  • Robert Parkes, MD, FACC
  • Charles Peterson, MD, FACC
  • Stephen Piacentine, MD
  • Arthur Vakiener, MD, FACC

Learn more about the Wright Heart Center at Ellis Medicine.

Ear, Nose & Throat Care

Ellis Medical Group

Suite 2200
Phone: 518.579.2990

Ellis Ear, Nose & Throat Care provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for children and adults with disorders of the ear (e.g., hearing problems, ear infections, balance disorders, etc.), nose (e.g., allergies, septal deviation, etc.) and throat (e.g., swallowing disorders, voice disorders, etc.).   


  • Ernest Lee, MD
  • Diana Paige, DO
  • David Martin, MD
  • Michael Schrom, MD, PhD


Orthopedic Care


Suite 2400
Phone: 518.489.2663

These highly trained orthopedic specialists treats all aspects of disease and injuries involving the musculoskeletal system in both children and adults.

Orthopedists seeing patients at this location:

  • Eric R. Aronowitz, MD
  • James M. Boler, MD
  • Daniel J. Bowman, MD
  • G. Robert Cooley, MD
  • Richard J. D’Ascoli, MD
  • Robert G. Leupold, MD
  • Tina A. Maxian, MD, PhD
  • John C. Richards, MD
  • Gary A. Williams, MD
  • Rory D. Wood, MD

Learn more about orthopedic care at Ellis Medicine.


Pulmonary & Critical Care

Schenectady Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates

Suite 2200
Phone: 518.386.3691

These pulmonary and critical care specialists provide consultative, diagnostic and treatment services for patients with illnesses affecting the lungs and breathing.

Pulmonary & Critical Care Physicians:

  • Michel Gorla, MD
  • Brian McDonald, MD
  • Eugene Goykhman, MD
  • Christine Napolitano, DO
  • Anthony Iannuccillo, MD
  • Robert Wang, MD
  • Saeed Khan, MD
  • Peter Weinberg, MD
  • Anthony Malanga, MD



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