Because It's Different
Because It's Different

Bellevue is Different for Women

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Because it’s different for women

When it comes to healthcare, nobody knows women like Bellevue Woman’s Center. We are the Capital Region’s only facility dedicated to women and one of the only in the country. With over 80 years of experience in women’s health, we understand what matters the most when it comes to your care and offer a wide range of services. From heart screenings and breast care to gynecologic surgery and labor and delivery, we take care of each woman at every stage of her life.

Speciality care, exclusively for women

  • Breast Care: Comprehensive services including cancer screenings and surgical care - along with Breast Health Nurse Navigators that provide support and guidance throughout treatment and recovery.

  • Surgery: Experienced surgeons that perform minimally-invasive gynecologic procedures that result in smaller incisions, less risk of infection, less scarring, and faster recovery.

  • Heart Health: The first screening program specifically designed for women to identify risk factors and provide referrals to our specialists.

  • Maternity: The region’s premiere labor and delivery center provides personalized birthing experiences, a safe environment and prenatal services.